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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

Here at The Stickman Consultancy we work with some AWESOME schools, yet many of them struggle for inspiration with their marketing. 

We all need an injection of creativity occasionally to keep us energised and to reinvigorate our thinking. And it is no different at Stickman Towers - we watch videos, read articles and books, listen to podcasts to awaken us to new possibilities and to keep learning!

So, if you’d welcome a few ‘Aha’ moments, why not join us for our FREE 45-minute Masterclass - How To Use Storytelling As Your Most Powerful School Marketing Weapon In 2023 - on Tuesday 20th September at 11am (UK time).

You’ll go away uplifted and excited :)

Click here to reserve your FREE spot.

Emily & the Stickman Team

PS. Do you use Amazon regularly? You should know we’ll be giving away £50 worth of Amazon vouchers during the LIVE Masterclass!