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Persyou ‘Inspiring Leadership’ Director of Persyou, Nicholas McKie brings you cutting edge stories from across the world of education, connecting with recognised leaders and experts to bring you insights into their own leadership journey and philosophy.

20 April 2021: Mandy Hickson: Inspiring leadership from the cockpit

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Mandy Hickson is only the second women to fly the Tornado GR4 operationally. She spent 17 years in the Royal Air Force, completed 3 tours of duty and flew 45 missions over Iraq. Throughout her time, Mandy was the only female aircrew.  Now a civilian, Mandy draws on her experiences to train and inspire others, covering the core areas of human factors; decision making, communication, leadership, behaviour, workload, conflict, fatigue and stress management. Mandy has also launched her book, 'An officer, not a gentleman' an inspirational journey of a pioneering female fighter pilot. This is a fascinating discussion of how to lead from the front with lots of leadership nuggets to take into your own role.