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Persyou ‘Inspiring Leadership’ Director of Persyou, Nicholas McKie brings you cutting edge stories from across the world of education, connecting with recognised leaders and experts to bring you insights into their own leadership journey and philosophy.

16 June 2021: Kirin Bir Sethi: Design thinking in education

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Kiran Bir Sethi is a designer who became a teacher, a principal who grew into an education reformer and subsequently morphed into a social entrepreneur. Kiran founded the award winning Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India, in 2001. Riverside, is viewed as a laboratory to prototype design processes that uses a systems approach to build a culture of empowerment, graduating young citizen leaders with an ‘ I CAN Mindset’ – using their agency for the greater good. In 2009, Kiran launched “Design for Change” which uses a simple 4 step design framework – FIDS (Feel, Imagine, Do, Share) to cultivate the I CAN mind-set in all children. Today, Design For Change is the world's largest movement of change - of and by children, and is in 60+ countries — impacting over 2.2 million children and 65,000 Teachers.  This is a wonderful conversation on how an education vision was brought to life.