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Persyou ‘Inspiring Leadership’ Director of Persyou, Nicholas McKie brings you cutting edge stories from across the world of education, connecting with recognised leaders and experts to bring you insights into their own leadership journey and philosophy.

18 May 2021: Sara Cox: Inspiring leadership in professional rugby

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Sara Cox is a professional English rugby union referee. In 2016, she became the world’s first professional female rugby union referee, and in 2018 she became the first female to referee a Premiership Rugby Cup match. With a load of international’s already under her belt, in 2020 she made a breakthrough into English Rugby’s Gallagher Premiership as an assistant referee for the Bath v Wasps game and is making her mark on the sport in both the Men’s and Women’s games. In this episode Sara discusses how to develop relationships and run teams within teams in a professional high performance environment. She draws on a wide range of leadership approaches including a police decision making model to support her decision making during a game. This is an inspiring conversation from a ground-breaking athlete jammed packed with take outs for leaders in all settings.