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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

At the beginning of 2020, the world hit pause and fast forward all at once. During this time, Faria Education Group has worked to guide schools as they turned their brick and mortar schools into virtual classrooms. 

AtlasNext, Faria’s leading online planning, assessment and reporting platform for independent and international schools worldwide, can help your school transition to hybrid or remote-learning, easing the strain on teachers, coordinators, and school leadership. Building on the Zoom Online Lesson release this summer, AtlasNext introduced Presentation Mode & KeyChat to better support schools with synchronous, real-time Remote Learning

FariaPD also provides school-based virtual professional development to support schools in a synchronous or asynchronous format, where they work with you to create a plan consisting of single or multiple online sessions with targeted learning goals.

AtlasNext helps facilitate a meaningful learning experience no matter what the physical distance between you and your student is. Get your school started today.