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Want to spend the summer of your life in Spain?

Hola Spanish Immersion is a language and culture company based in Spain. We offer students between 12 and 18 years old the possibility to spend a summer in Spain where they will learn a lot about our language, history, and culture, make friends, and help them grow into open-minded and resilient adults. All levels of Spanish are welcome! 

The summer program takes place between the 1st of July and July 31st. We are in Toledo with easy access from the airport. Students come for either 2, 3, or 4 weeks and they stay with families with children of the same age.

The program offers many activities that will immerse the young people in the language and culture and will help them to boost their language level for their exams in the near future. They have 15 hours per week of formal lessons, and weekly trips that will explore some of the main cities in the center of Spain, Toledo, Segovia, and Madrid. We complement formal learning with a sports program, all run by experts. 

We have limited spaces available so, get in touch to find out more!