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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia




Calling all FOBISIA Member School parents and 2019-20 graduates! Our next webinar featuring FOBISIA school alumni targets 2019-20 grad students heading to UK Universities.

This Webinar will be presented by Ciara Newby at University of Bath & Jasmine Bual at Durham University, and will include an advice panel of guest ambassadors who are FOBISIA school alumni currently studying in the UK.

This webinar focuses on:

- COVID 19:
Looking back over the last semester and how UK Universities supported students during lockdown

- Looking Forward:
What will the next semester look like with the 'New Normal' and how to prepare

- Belonging:
Feel welcomed into your new University community

- Things I Wish I Knew:
Insights from former FOBISIA schools alumni

- Q & A:
Ask any questions you might have about life in the UK





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