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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia


FOBISIA is a regional Federation of leading British international schools in Asia. As an organisation FOBISIA applies stringent entry standards to all Candidate Schools who apply for membership and upholds these same standards for all Member Schools through a review cycle that requires an ongoing commitment to excellence and accreditation by recognised external agencies.  Additionally, Affiliate Membership of FOBISIA is open to reputable educational organisations and suppliers whose services and products are of interest to Member Schools.

Throughout the course of its history one of the most defining features of the Federation has been its determination to focus all of its activities on best serving the key stakeholders that make our Member Schools work on a day-to-day basis - students, their families and the teams of professionals who so ably serve them.

For our pupils, The FOBISIA Games, which were one of the Federation's very first initiatives, have a long-standing reputation for being well-organised events that offer students a fantastic opportunity to compete at the highest levels but at the same time to form global friendships with their peers throughout the region. This successful formula is now emulated in many other curricular areas such as Music, Drama and DT, to name but a few.

For our teaching colleagues, the services we offer also embrace a rich and varied Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme that includes regional Job-Alike-Workshops (JAWs) and a wide range of other regionally based offerings by leading personalities and authorities within our profession. Through the wide and rich range of activities that you can view on our annual events calendar you will see that students and teachers throughout the region are able to interact and collaborate and at the same time develop a camaraderie that in this electronic age transcends the confines of any single location.

In addition to this core educational purpose, the Federation also serves as a highly respected regional voice on educational issues and makes informed contributions to the UK government on issues and policies affecting British schools overseas. FOBISIA is one of the “big five” organisations that globally represent British Schools Overseas and that jointly speak with influence to governments and other agencies. In this respect, FOBISIA is proud to uphold the principle of being “a friend to all” and to work hand-in-hand with the other associations to make practical and influential ministerial representations at the highest levels of the UK Government.

If you are a parent or student and would like to know more about any of our Member Schools then do make use of the links on this website to take you to our respective Member Schools' websites. If you are a school or education organisation that would like to know more about membership of the Federation, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

All Member Schools are very special and unique institutions that are proud to be bound by a sense of common fellowship that firmly places the educational well-being of young people at the very heart of everything they do. It is an honour and a privilege for each and every one of us to be a part of this very special group. Please read on and explore more of the pages of our website so that you can personally experience this special sense of shared values, goals and purpose. 

Anthony Rowlands
FOBISIA Chair (March 2019 - Present) &
Principal, British International School, Ho Chi Minh City