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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia


Our Vision is to be the premier Federation in Asia supporting and promoting high-quality British-style international education. Our Mission is to deliver value for our members by ensuring high quality British-style international education through shared professional development, student enrichment and mutual support between Member Schools in the region.

Our values include:

  • Diverse & Inclusive: The FOBISIA family is a diverse and inclusive community of global citizens.
  • British-style International Education: FOBISIA supports and promotes British-style international education.
  • Professional Standards: FOBISIA ensures its Member Schools meet the highest standards of professional conduct and demonstrate their commitment to high quality international education through accreditation by leading institutions.
  • Bringing Value: FOBISIA is more than a group of schools; it is about what members can bring to the Federation and the way they work together that makes it unique. FOBISIA Member Schools are committed to bringing value and living the ethos of the Federation for the benefit of all.

Under its Constitution, FOBISIA’s objects for achieving its Mission are to:

  1. Support, foster cooperation between, and promote the interests of, schools which are members of the Federation;
  2. Take a leading role amongst its members in promoting a high-quality British-styled education through shared professional development programmes, conferences and seminars, cooperative activities, inter-school enrichment events, and other initiatives within the Asia region;
  3. Provide support for members including those involving quality assurance, child protection, and representation to official bodies and governments.

Under its By-Laws, FOBISIA’s aims and objectives are to:

  1. Keep abreast of educational and related developments in Britain and in the international context;
  2. Promote excellence of British-style education in FOBISIA schools;
  3. Celebrating the community of British national heritage and the cultural identities of host countries and student bodies;
  4. Provide opportunities for inter-school competitions and enrichment programmes;
  5. Facilitate school improvement through shared programmes of professional development to address Members’ individual needs;
  6. Explore co-operative initiatives to the benefit of Members;
  7. Respond to the changing needs of the Member school communities in the region;
  8. Promote the Federation and its Members;
  9. Foster links, world-wide, with other groups of British International Schools; and
  10. Make representations to official bodies and governments to recognize the needs and aspirations of the Federation and its Members as British organisations.