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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

Job Alike Workshops (JAWS) are networking events where colleagues from FOBISIA Member Schools gather to share good practice and co-construct new knowledge. All participants are actively involved in the planning of the agenda and are provided with opportunities to contribute. Sessions are led or facilitated by the participants and a continuing professional dialogue is encouraged.

Listed below is a history of some of our past JAWS events.



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Creating a culture of creativity and curiosity in classrooms
Business and Economics JAWS
Business and Economics JAWS
Curriculum Design and Development for Middle Leaders
Curriculum Design and Development for Middle Leaders
Leading an Effective Science Team
Collaborative Teaching and Learning - CANCELLED
Sixth Form and University Counsellers Networking
Innovative education for the future
Innovative education for the future
Secondary Maths JAWS
Storytellers - Secondary English JAWS
Teaching Assistants eJAWs
Co-Curricular and House Leaders JAWS
Emotion Coaching - Improving Behaviour, Wellbeing and Resilience in Students JAWS
Sustainability eJAWS: Embedding SDGs in the Curriculum
Managing Outdoor activities/ Trips and Risk Management
Primary Humanities eJAWS
Language Mastery: Strategies for EAL Success JAWS
Sixth Form Leaders JAWS
Middle Leadership JAWS
Primary Maths JAWS
Safeguarding through a DEI Lens JAWS
Middle Leadership JAWS
History and Politics JAWS: Effective Teaching of the IGCSE Global Perspectives Course
Early Years Foundation Stage JAWS: What are the foundations to live Worldwise
Well-being JAWS
Diversity and Inclusion JAWS
Technical Theatre JAWS
Technical Theatre JAWS
Beyond the Basics: Deepening Secondary Psychology Instructional Skills eJAWS
The Importance of Experiential Learning in the Primary and Early Years eJAWS
Embedding Collaborative Learning to Improve progress and outcomes eJAWS