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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia


It is a requirement and a condition of membership, that all associate and Full Member schools complete a regular inspection/accreditation from one of the agreed and recognised Inspectorate agencies approved by the FOBISIA membership as indicated in the constitution. This ensures that all Member schools meet the high standards expected of a British International School overseas.

Approved inspectorate agencies will use their agreed standards when they inspect member schools.

To comply to the expectation of FOBISIA regarding inspection/accreditation, associate members schools must have committed themselves to embark on a full inspection from one of the recognised inspection agencies within or no later than the first three years of its membership. Full member schools must comply with the expectations of the inspection agency as to the regularity of being re-inspected. This, however, must not exceed 5 years from the previous inspection.

Approved Inspection Agencies
Inspectorates that are approved by the FOBISIA Board are listed below.

There are two categories of approved inspection agencies namely those who deliver a BSO inspection and those that offer their own inspection/accreditation model based on the high standards and expectations of International Schools.

British Schools Overseas Inspection. (BSO)
This type of inspection is monitored by Ofsted as set out in the guidelines of the UK Government on inspection of British schools overseas. BSO inspection reports reflect the standards laid down by Ofsted/UK Government and are published on the UK Government website. ‘British schools overseas annual reports’.

The following inspection agencies are approved by the Department for Education in the UK to inspect and report on British schools overseas and are the recognised inspectorates by FOBISIA to carry out BSO inspections: Education Development Trust Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Penta International

Other Inspection