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Across Cultures

Across Cultures is the creator of Learning Village - a blended EAL (English as an Additional Language) vocabulary, language structure and reading programme for new to English, low level literacy and SEND learners. It uses image as the language of instruction for learners of ANY language background; it is also ideal for learners who are not yet literate.

Learning Village is a long term language programme created and developed by EAL Specialists. All content is based on research and experience of teaching English as a second language in schools. The founder, Caroline Scott, has extensive experience in teaching English in English medium schools, a background in International School Leadership and authorship of 3 books on language learning across the curriculum. It is all based on Carolines deep understanding and experience of how it feels to both teach and learn a foreign language. As a result she has a clear understanding of the need for a programme such as Learning Village. The programme is based on learning through images to enable the learner to fully understand the language and ultimately successfully apply it in and out of the school environment long term.

The Village is aimed at younger learners (6-11) whilst Islands (for secondary learners aged 12-16), adopts a significantly more mature approach. Learners are assigned a mission to follow 3 virtual learning journeys with their assigned map (phonics and spelling, survival language, curriculum content and reading), to create their own virtual community.

Lessons and assessments are set along the way, and the learner is rewarded based on progress and time spent learning. Learning Village is developed by EAL Specialists who are passionate about their field and have a wealth of EAL teaching experience in schools. These EAL Specialists deliver training on how to use the Learning Village to achieve each learners full potential and facilitate best practice. For teachers who are not EAL specialists themselves, it provides them with an opportunity to upskill and gain additional EAL teacher training.

The Learning Village and Islands is exported to countries throughout the world to schools that require EAL provision and training. Across Cultures has also developed a sub brand called EAL Framework which is a training process developed for the International School Partnership (ISP) which covers identification of school needs through consultancy, training and action planning and post training follow up all aligned to very focussed criteria to benchmark themselves. We were asked to help them formulate their plan to develop their EAL provision and became essential in their strategic plan. They have over 100 schools and many have now been trained by our specialists via the EAL Framework to deliver consistent and successful EAL provision.