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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia


Avvanz, a Multi-Awards winning Technology company focused on Employee Lifecycle Management, empowers more than 500+ schools (and accrediting councils) around the globe with the ability to Screen new hires thoroughly to avoid wrongful hires and mitigate people-related risks, Onboard new joiners effectively to get them to be productive on the work floor in the quickest time and Develop employees with Digital Economy centric critical skills – all possible leveraging Avvanz’s uniquely differentiated Tech-enabled solutions.

What problems does Avvanz solve?
Your people are your lifeblood and your most important business assets. That being said, people related risks are one of the biggest business risks too. You need to know who you hire as more than 35% of resumes have some inherent discrepancies. Avvanz ScreenGlobal facilitates conducting more than 20 types of checks across 150+ countries and it doesn’t matter where your candidates or employees could have studied or worked or lived in. Avvanz ScreenChain, a Blockchain based Technology, can offer instant verifications of previously background checked profiles.

Once hired, many organisations don’t take enough care of the orientation, induction and integration of their new employees which will affect their productivity and at worst lead to staff turnover. Avvanz LearnGlobal, a 5-in-1 platform, offers a structured, consistent and customisable onboarding journey and ensures full assimilation of your vision, mission, core values, culture and the required DNA.

Digitalisation rate is outpacing the relevance of your people’s skills and competencies and hence they have to upskill with critical skills required for the Digital Economy. Avvanz’s Star Trainers, Bite-sized Knowledge Nibbles and Netflix styled LearnTopus offer a gamified and engaging approach to continuously tune and hone your people so that they can surpass your KPIs.

Why do we do this?
Avvanz’s focus is to be your trusted partner to closely align with your vision, your goals and your needs and wants. In line with the meaning of Avvanz – “Advance” – We strive to ensure your advancement in strengthening your talent as an enormous asset leading to a sustainable profitable growth. At the end of the day, like how we help our clients, we desire to help you manage your risks, step up productivity and build your talent for world-class performance.