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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

In 2015 two English teachers, who saw the impact vocabulary had on outcomes in their classroom, formed Bedrock Learning. They created Bedrock to narrow the word gap and give all learners the language they need to truly thrive - both in school and beyond. Growing relentlessly, Bedrock has continued to develop and now offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to transform learning through literacy. It is trusted by over 800 schools across the UK and internationally.

Fiercely proud of their innovative nature, the team at Bedrock is committed to developing EdTech that transforms outcomes for young people. An underlying passion for education informs the way Bedrock supports learners, teachers, and parents; informing everything the team does.

Bedrock Learning is a digital literacy curriculum, designed to give primary and secondary students of all abilities a personalised, interactive, and cross-curricular experience. It is helping schools and parents to transform learning and literacy, while equipping all learners with the knowledge they need to improve their educational outcomes.

In many international schools, we know that students are often learning English as well as learning in English. This presents a unique challenge for teachers. We also understand that in each international classroom, there is a wide range of learners with different needs and experiences: a personalised solution that supports and challenges each learner individually is crucial. Encompassing vocabulary, grammar, disciplinary literacy and even iGCSE English content, the Bedrock curriculum offers schools a complete literacy improvement solution, designed to support the unique challenges of the international classroom.

- An interactive curriculum encourages independence with literacy concepts, helping learners to apply them in other contexts.

- Live dashboards reveal the progress and engagement of learners, delivering real measurable impact, while automated marking and activity setting combine to save valuable time for teachers.

- Adaptive technology ensures learning is just right for every individual, personalising the learning journey and guaranteeing long-term retention.

Imbued with a vast range of human narrated original fiction and non-fiction, introducing learners to a wide range of engaging texts to increase cultural capital.