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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia


Classlist is the world’s largest school parent community app, used by over 500,000 parents across 35 countries. Classlist brings your new and existing parents together in an inclusive, secure and respectful way, avoiding potential challenges with ad-hoc social media groups. It enables schools to include all parents in a welcoming, positive school community; protect the school brand, and comply with legal requirements on data protection.

Classlist’s app helps to connect parents; communicate to specific groups; organise and ticket events; roster volunteers; run raffles; manage fundraising; organise liftshares and operate a parent marketplace / school shop. Schools use Classlist to augment existing comms channels; manage school trips, and run “pop-up” Net Promoter Score customer satisfaction surveys. Classlist can be managed by the school parent association or by the school office.

FOBISIA schools using Classlist including Dulwich College Singapore, Seoul Foreign School and FOBISIA Friend the British International School of Stockholm.