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Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), (acquired Pivotal Education in 2017), provides all your behaviour training needs in one place. Our aim is to help schools improve their learning environments and student outcomes. Our programmes provide strategies and techniques for all educational professionals working with children and young people. This is a whole school approach from the leadership team through to classroom and all support staff. These strategies, skills and techniques focus on the Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security ℠ of all students and staff with evidenced based de-escalation and managing more challenging behaviours. Our packages follow a Tiered framework approach:

  • Classroom Culture programme : low risk, universal focuses on low level disruption & pre-escalation through fostering a culture of consistency, empowerment, support and sustainable approach.
  • Verbal Intervention programme: moderate risk, targeted and focuses on higher level disruption and de-escalation strategies to support students.
  • Safety Intervention programme: high risk, specialist and addresses more challenging behaviour through foundation to advanced trauma informed and person centred approaches.

CPI is a RRN certified training provider.

Please click on the link to find out more about our programmes: Our Programmes | Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI)

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