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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia


Drums for Schools’ unique whole class instrumental teaching and learning approach is being successfully implemented in thousands of schools in the UK and all over the world. It enables schools to excel at music and provide a high quality music education to their students at a cost of from around £8 per pupil per year. The approach delivers the benefits of a classical music education but to ALL students - high and low achievers - and is so extraordinarily cost-effective because it can be taught by generalist class teachers as well as music specialists and because it delivers results so rapidly, with classes typically ready for their first ensemble performance after only 8 lessons.

The Drums for Schools approach is suitable for Primary and Secondary schools and there are are Class Packs for African Drumming, Brazilian Samba, Indonesian Gamelan, Caribbean Steel Pans and World Percussion. Each Class Pack includes instruments, teaching support and lesson plans, all backed up with a program of international professional development training and student workshops with regular teaching visits to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Drums for Schools also have a specialist Early Years music division - Sound Children - and their multi-award-winning Music Kits follow a similar inclusive, “learning by playing” approach, with children and teachers collaborating and learning together.

Drums for Schools is a member of BESA and has warehouses in the UK, Singapore, Bali and Australia. The company supplies Class Packs and Sound Children Music Kits to nurseries, primary and secondary schools all over the world.