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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia


At Edsidera we provide children with a holistic and immersive extra-curricular educational experience that is modern, digital and beyond conventional learning.

Each award within our series is built upon the foundation of empowering children to become independent learners through skill-led education. Meticulously curated by seasoned educators who are deeply passionate about skill development, every award is fueled by a commitment to instill a growth mindset in children.

Our Awards:
The Rising Star Award and the Karam International Award (Our 3rd Award will launch in May).

Range of Activities:
Progressive, age-appropriate challenges and tasks that include and promote life skills, enquiry, creativity, independence, wellbeing, sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Bespoke packages:
Schools have the option of adding on additional tasks and challenges linked to their specific curriculum, national agenda or school improvement plan.

Focus on skills:
All of our awards promote children developing new skills. Completing a series of tasks and challenges that help grit, determination, critical thinking and independence.

If you are looking for an additional layer to your extra curricular experience, then we recommend you look at our Awards. Digital, bespoke and with an onboarding process of less than a week from order. School's can be offering children age appropriate challenges and tasks to empower them and promote grit, determination and independence. Our aim is to empower futures, one child at a time.

Our Community Partner is George Peterkin, from Mind Your Health, who has written our wellbeing challenges and tasks for The Rising Star award.