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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

Edvectus is a company staffed by mainly ex-teachers with international experience and we believe strongly in ethical recruitment. We have worked with Dulwich Colleges, Wellington Schools, Tenby Schools, Taylors Schools, to name a few.

Our goal is not only to place teachers into well-matched jobs, but to educate them about the many facets of international teaching such as cultural sensitivity, cost of living, differing expectations and more.  In addition, we seek to educate our client schools by providing them with market data based 'white papers' so that they can keep abreast of the ever-changing recruitment climate. For example, last year's white paper and this year's teacher survey results. 

A few of the client comments over the years:

I wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for your support with our recruitment process.  I have found Edvectus as a company and you as an agent to be the most efficient that we have used and I look forward to renewing our professional relationship next academic year. “ – Ian Ruck, Head of Secondary at the British School of Guangzhou

“I noted with Edvectus that there were on-going formal and informal stages of communications throughout the process between Edvectus and our recruiters as well as with the candidate and our recruiters.  Additionally, Edvectus took the time to go through multiple candidates  in order to come up with the most viable and interested candidate.  This worked well for us. Edvectus saved us a great deal of time and hassle.” – John Godwin, Principal at Xiamen International School

“I was looking to go teach in the UAE and it was just not working out well for me. Lisa/The agent encouraged me not to limit myself and go for what I really want - which was a Librarian job. Without her encouragement I might not have done it! As I am older already and this is my first venture into international teaching, I studied each and every bit of information you have on your learning portal. I looked at many agencies and your portal made me decide to go with you. It really prepared me well.” – Theresa, a teacher candidate who is now in China