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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

Evidence Based Education

At Evidence Based Education (EBE), we specialise in school improvement through research-informed teacher development. Our work to date has led us to create and launch the Great Teaching Toolkit, which is the anchor for all of our professional development services.

The Great Teaching Toolkit is an evidence-based curriculum for teacher learning, with courses to enhance specific elements of Great Teaching practice, and tools and instruments to provide feedback for professional development over time.

It is a new approach to professional development that aims to help teachers take ownership of their learning, for the benefit of their students:

• Use the Model for Great Teaching as your curriculum for professional learning.

• Enhance practice with a range of courses aligned to specific elements of Great Teaching.

• Get feedback from student surveys to inform and personalise teacher learning.

• Use the video observation and feedback tools to facilitate low-stakes but high-impact conversations around classroom strategies.

More than 14,000 teachers in over 500 schools are already using it to both improve teaching and learning, and to demonstrate the impact of their teacher development. We work with a number of FOBISIA schools, including: Kellett School, Alice Smith, Bangkok Patana, Nexus International School, Nord Anglia Yangon, Epsom College Malaysia, Harrow International School Bangkok, the Dulwich group, the Wellington group, and more.

A case study written by Julia Armstrong, Assistant Head for Professional Learning at Kellett Senior School Hong Kong can be found here:

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