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Flash Academy

Say Hello to FlashAcademy® – a digital language learning platform designed to empower both educators and students. With its engaging interface and use of innovating technology, FlashAcademy® offers a comprehensive and immersive English language learning experience.

Through continuous assessment, teachers can gain a real-time snapshot of proficiency levels, enabling tailored lessons and teaching. Students independently practice pronunciation and enhance language skills through repetition.

One of the greatest challenges faced by educators is bridging language gaps among students, especially in diverse and multicultural learning environments. By providing a constructive learning platform, FlashAcademy® enables primary and secondary school students to develop their English language skills seamlessly within the classroom.

The unique Object Translator feature fosters vocabulary growth, while progress tracking allows personalised learning journeys. Even students new to English thrive, all thanks to the accessible content. FlashAcademy® revolutionises language education, fostering self-directed learning and equipping learners with practical communication skills.

Find out more about how FlashAcademy® could help your school today and join other FOBISIA members, British School Jakarta and Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar, in making a difference with EAL.