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Intellischool is a leading provider of learning analytics solutions, supporting schools to analyse student data, automate administrative tasks, and empower teachers to proactively address insights. While every school collects data, this data is often stored across multiple systems, and rarely brought together in a single location. It can take teachers far too long to collate this data, often proving to be a barrier to effective engagement with data. Intellischool takes these disorganised data silos and transforms them into unified, actionable data insights, supporting teachers to take action sooner rather than later.

Intellischool Analytics covers the breadth of academic, pastoral and wellbeing data, with data being drawn straight from your school’s learning management and student management systems. In addition to our dashboards, our powerful Pulse Alerts proactively monitor trends across school data and automatically alert the right people at the right time with the specific information they’re interested in, allowing for quick follow-up on insights across data. These alerts take the process of manually trawling through data out of the equation, helping teachers to be proactive rather than reactive.

We're proud to provide a comprehensive data analytics solution for schools with a strong foundation in subject-matter expertise and pedagogical best practice. Learn more about us at our website, or take a look at our quick walkthrough video on our YouTube channel.