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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

Made to Measure Mentoring

M2M2 has an executive coaching service for organisations and individuals that helps transform performance.

Executive coaching is the ultimate in made to measure leadership development.

Working on a confidential, trusting, one-to-one basis with one of our professional coaches, leaders can develop clarity on their goals and challenges, through constructive support and challenge.

M2M2 has extensive experience and success in delivering bespoke senior and middle leadership development courses. Our focus is to support the development of the indvivdual leader within a safe environment in which challenge and personal growth go hand in hand.


As the Aylesbury Vale Challenge Partners Hub, we have trusted M2M2 with all of our leadership and coaching development across our 16 schools.  For talented staff who are aspiring towards a leadership role, the opportunity to develop leadership behaviours and to understand leadership theory is important. M2M2 have delivered highly regarded Middle and Senior Leadership programmes, Emotionally Intelligent Leadership programmes and accredited coaching programmes based on experiential learning with peers and applied learning with departmental and pastoral colleagues.  Our presenter is a specialist in education and leadership development, is dynamic and empathetic, and challenges every delegate with his bespoke approach. These programmes take place throughout the year, with over a hundred staff across the Hub benefitting.  This has directly supported recruitment and retention in the area. Participants on these courses have gone on to take up or embed themselves in leadership roles successfully in their own school or within the Hub.

As widely recognised, Coaching is fast becoming one of the most valuable ways to enhance an organisation by investing in the growth of people. M2M2’s accredited coaching programme has resulted in increased self-confidence in our staff, more effective performance and self-sustaining growth. The bespoke approach of M2M2 has enabled us to offer a Level 3 accredited coaching course to every school to begin the process of cascading these skills to support the widespread and diverse needs of staff in hub schools. There has also been the potential to develop students as coaches through their programme.

As a result of M2M2’s leadership development, several staff every year gain leadership positions either in their own school or another hub school benefiting recruitment and retention.  Two Deputy Heads within the Hub have been promoted to the Head of another School within the hub; a Head of Department has been promoted to an SLT position within the Hub and several teachers have become Heads of Department. One Head sums it up: “our middle managers have really appreciated the opportunity to engage with the coaching sessions and the subsequent impact on their leadership.”  In addition, course evaluation forms demonstrate overwhelming positive feedback and scoring from both teaching and support staff attending M2Ms bespoke courses with us.

Aylesbury Vale Challenge Partners Hub cannot speak highly enough of M2M2 Leadership and Coaching and we recognise the impact of the high quality development opportunities on the organisation and individuals.