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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia


Mental Health & Wellbeing Training Ltd is a company committed to enabling British Independent Schools in the UK and abroad to be knowledgeable about mental health, to banish mental health stigma, to be skilled in managing a mental health crisis safely and effectively and to advocate, encourage and champion positive mental health for all.

The training is tiered as follows:

1. A health promotion message – ‘Mental Health Resilience’, embed a school culture of positive mental health, and actively promote the behaviours which have been scientifically proven to improve behaviour and emotional regulation, increase academic performance and encourage creative and adventurous learning.

2. A health education message – ‘Mental Health Awareness’, create a knowledgeable school community about mental health, where difficulties are identified early, appropriate support is accessed and the staff member or pupil experience minimal disruption to functioning and learning.

3. An emergency health intervention – ‘Mental Health Crisis’, respond safely and skilfully to mental health emergencies, delivering care within the school environment which meets the UK government and UK clinical guidelines.



  • We train your entire staff team in ‘Mental Health Awareness’, so everyone in your school is knowledgeable about the signs of mental health difficulties and how to respond and give support.
  • We train your senior students in ‘Mental Health Awareness’ to be school ‘Mental Health Champions’ (with certificates and badges) so they can support pastoral staff in identifying and communicating concerns within the pupil body and act as guardians of their school’s culture of kindness, tolerance, and care for one another.
  • We then train specific pastoral staff, including school nurses and house parents, in ‘Mental Health Crisis’ management, to equip them to deliver the highest quality care, with confidence and skill to pupils or a staff member who experiences a mental health crisis (for example, a panic attack or a disclosure of suicide) within the school setting.
  • Finally, we train everyone in ‘Mental Health Resilience’. A fabulously fun introduction to positive psychology and the science of wellbeing for the latest evidence-based self-help strategies that can support us to keep mentally strong through the many trials, challenges, and adventures of a busy school year.

We are always delighted to offer on-line consultations around mental health issues and give on-going support on the implementation, embedding, and maintenance of school mental health initiatives and programmes.