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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

We are a team of technical sustainability professionals passionate about the transformative potential of education for sustainability in schools.

We partner with students, school principals, teachers, facilities managers and leadership teams to unlock the sustainability learning that is embedded in the campus and the school’s daily life; to develop the capacity of students and schools to do the practical as well as critical intellectual work of becoming truly sustainable communities; and to support the students of the Anthropocene era in leading the transition to a sustainable future.

Few schools have begun to integrate sustainability in a deep way into their practices and policies and weave it into the fabric of the school’s daily life. For those schools that are ready to embark on a deeper sustainability journey, Metanoia supports them to develop a vision and a roadmap, clarify commitments, and implement meaningful improvements.

Using the campus as a living laboratory, we engage, educate and empower students to transform their school communities into models of sustainability, inspiring lasting behaviour change in the process. Our student-centred approach to sustainability in schools ​combines practical and substantive solutions with authentic educational opportunities and school-wide stakeholder engagement. We work with all stakeholders in the school community to envision and deliver ambitious versions of their aspirations - like becoming a carbon-neutral school or a zero-waste school.

Our core offering is a Whole School Sustainability Audit which is a rigorous and educational, student-centred deep-dive into a school’s operations through a sustainability lens.

Kellett School – the British School in Hong Kong, was the first school in the world to undertake a Whole School Sustainability Audit with Metanoia.

We also offer Project-Based Learning Courses which help students develop eco-literacy skills and help schools build in-house sustainability capacity.

How sustainable is your school? Take our FREE School Sustainability Assessment to find out.

Designed by our sustainability consultants with many years of experience working in schools, the assessment is a quick way to find out where you stand and identify ways to become more sustainable.

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