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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

Created by a team of educators and counsellors, Mind Your Health is a company focused on providing CPD services to educational systems. Our programmes include mental health first aid, suicide first aid and safeguarding - all of which is internationally approved with the option of international accreditation.

As of January 2023, we will also be offering a CPD-accredited workshop for staff on Eating Disorders. However, we also provide workshops and training for the children and young people within the school, as well as providing talks and workshops for parents. Our training has resulted in over 3000 children already being trained, with all receiving CPD accreditation!

What does seperate us from most CPD providers is the support we give to international school settings. The majority of our collabroations with those in the international sector ranging from Cranleigh Abu Dhabi to Kellett School Hong Kong and the Wellington schools in China.

Outside of these ‘shorter’ CPDs, we are also the only provider in the world to offer the initial courses in Counselling & Coaching skills via Zoom. These courses are internationally approved, accredited and are the starting levels for those who wish to become fully accredited Counsellors or Life Coaches.

Beyond CPDs, we also run a team of counsellors who give regular support to teaching staff in the international sector.

George Peterkin
Managing Director