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Positive Ed is Leading educational consultancy and training company founded by Dr. Gilda Scarfe in 2014. Positive Ed's aim is to improve student, leadership and teacher wellbeing through research, development and training in Positive Education and Mental Toughness. Positive Ed uses research to develop, implement and evaluate mental toughness, wellbeing, and resilience in education.

We believe in preparing people for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with welling skills, resilience, mental toughness, global perspective, and respect for core value og honesty, integrity and comparison.

We offer:

  1. Positive Education and Mental Toughness Workshops
  2. A personalized Positive Education and Mental Toughness curriculum from Grade 6 through Grade 12
  3. Program evaluation- evidence based measure
  4. Teacher training in: metacognition, the science of wellbeing, social pedagogy, Embedding Character Strengths, Flow and engagement, building positive relationships, Optimising mental toughness, Academic Resilience only to name a few