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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

Probity Teaching

Probity Teaching Ltd. is an International School recruitment company with a growing reputation for providing ethical and cost-effective recruitment solutions to English-medium international schools. Our company is an established AoBSO business partner and we have serviced the recruitment needs of several FOBISIA schools that can attest to our honesty, positive communication and ability to deliver results.  While our reach extends globally, encompassing the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australasia, the Americas, and the post-Soviet space, the majority of our clients are located within the FOBISIA region.

Our recruitment service centres on the following areas:

  • Sourcing teachers for individual and multiple vacancies (1-15); all ages and subjects
  • Group recruitment contracts (15+) for high turnover years, larger schools and school networks
  • Leading school expansions or start-ups, when an effective team must be assembled in a limited time frame
  • Executive Leadership Search, for headteachers, principals and other senior leadership positions including operational roles

Beyond recruitment, we extend our expertise to comprehensive school improvement, pre-accreditation guidance, new school setup and management and UK university transition services through our affiliated entities, Probity Education Ltd and Probity Study & Family Care Services Ltd.  We’d be delighted to become official business partners of FOBISIA and to service your member schools at preferential rates.