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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

Teacher Recruit is a groundbreaking online platform specialising in professional development services for educators worldwide. In a strategic alliance with the prestigious University of Derby, Red Dragon Education enables the procurement of sought-after educational qualifications such as the International Postgraduate Certificate in Education (iPGCE), Master of Arts in Education (MA), Doctorate in Education (EdD), and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

Renowned for its commitment to high-quality educational practices and lifelong learning, Red Dragon Education leverages the power of modern technology and flexible learning modules. This approach ensures educators can advance their professional qualifications while accommodating busy schedules. The courses offered by Red Dragon Education are thoughtfully curated, reflecting the most recent pedagogical research and catering to the evolving needs of global education sectors.

The belief in education's transformative power is at the core of our philosophy. The platform seeks to equip educators with the knowledge, skills, and credentials necessary to excel in their roles, understanding the broader impact on the learners they serve. By investing in teachers, Red Dragon Education indirectly shapes the future of students across the globe.

In an era of rapid educational evolution, Red Dragon Education remains at the forefront, providing first-rate educational solutions and preparing educators to meet tomorrow's challenges head-on.