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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

Safetyknot is a safety and first aid training business specialising in positively supporting schools and parents in Asia to prevent child injury and gain safety peace of mind. Sadly more than 5 million people die from preventable injuries each year, and 90% of these deaths happen in low or middle income countries. We exist because we believe everyone should live an injury free life.

Safetyknot training makes schools and homes in Asia safer. Our safety and first aid training empowers you to be safety confident and know how to prevent child injuries from happening in schools and in the home, and what to do in case of an emergency. Our training is unique because it is designed to be culturally and contextually relevant, appropriate and accessible, and is available in multiple Asian languages.

Our Experience
Safetyknot has worked with more than forty organisations and schools, including The British School Kathmandu (TBS) which is part of the FOBISIA network. We’ve also supported many expatriate families in Asia. Our team of safety experts, medical practitioners and educational professionals are available to support school staff, parents and nannies to make schools and homes safer and prevent child injuries.

Safety Services For Schools
As an international school in Asia, you want to achieve high safety standards, but cultural and contextual factors can impact achieving this. Let us help you get all your staff on the same safety page, so that you can focus on delivering exceptional teaching.

We make schools safer through our online:

  • Safety training for school support staff
  • First aid training for school support staff
  • Safetyknot Portal & App packed full of self-paced training and downloadable safety resources
  • Consultancy for bespoke safety support (in person and online)

Safety Support For Parents
Living in Asia may be the first time you have hired a nanny to look after your children. Let us help you get you and your nanny aligned about safety, bringing you peace of mind.

We help keep your children safe through our online:

  • Safety training for nannies
  • First aid training for nannies
  • Safetyknot Portal & App packed full of safety advice from experts and downloadable safety resources
  • 1 to 1 calls for when you need a bit of extra support

Contact Us
Katherine Weatherburn, Director