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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia


With a UK-trained teacher at the helm, Sail in Asia has the experience and expertise to provide your students with high quality outdoor education trips and adventures in the inland and coastal waters of Southern Thailand.  Our experiences mean we have a robust set of policies and detailed risk assessments, which we regularly review.  With sailing bases in both Phuket and Krabi, our in-depth local knowledge enables us to situate our learning activities in inspiring locations that your students will remember long after they return to school.

Our activities, which are designed to take students just outside their comfort zone and provide authentic challenge, are focused on promoting 'success moments' and building skills-based confidence.  Our fleet of 7 identical yachts, which take a crew of 5 to sail effectively, are excellent entry-level keelboats that are perfect for this purpose.  Each yacht has a certified skipper on board to instruct and facilitate your students over the course of the trip; however, the skipper will gradually hand over command to your students (based on his assessment of their skills and capabilities) - we usually expect students to take charge of the yacht and be independent sailors by the 3rd day.  Our website shows the range of activities we offer (although we are happy to design bespoke trips, if required):

As International Yacht Training's premier sailing school in Asia we are able to design challenging but safe expeditions that result in internationally-recognised sailing certifications that may start your students on a lifelong learning journey.  If you want to provide your students with an experiential outdoor education adventure that unites, inspires and educates, we would be delighted to support you:

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