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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

SAM Learning is an online learning platform used by British schools worldwide. Our subscriptions provide school leaders and teachers access to thousands of ready-made learning activities across different school years and examination boards, including GCSE and iGCSE.

Teachers can set self-marked tasks for students or encourage them to revise independently. There is also the option to set SAM Learning tasks on homework platforms.

The platform has a detailed reporting suite that provides leaders and teachers with an insight into whole-school, class or intervention group and individual learner achievement. Our ‘Question Level Analysis’ allows teachers to easily identify knowledge gaps, helping schools to drive data-driven targeted intervention and differentiated teaching.

Our mobile-friendly platform allows student access on any device. Along with an engaging gamified interface, there is a leaderboard to stimulate competition and the ability to customise their avatars. To encourage learners, our A.l. functionality, ‘Try This Next’ suggests activities for students, based on their previous work.

In addition to our 24/7 online support articles and CPD videos, we provide every school with their very own School Success Manager for departmental training sessions and unlimited strategic advice.