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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia


SeeMeCV PTe Ltd was founded in Singapore in 2007 to innovate and accelerate traditional recruitment processes for governments, educators, industry and job seekers.

The emergence of mobile, web-based applications which can leverage video and virtual technologies created a new opportunity to improve the traditional recruitment, employer branding and talent retention processes.

Our solutions and services have been delivered in the US, Europe and across APAC, but we now focus more heavily on talent supply chains around Southeast Asia.

All our solutions are delivered as SAAS (Software as a Solution) applications to accelerate and simplify the deployment, but as white-label applications can be fully branded for our clients.

Our primary solutions include;

* Talent Portals & Employability Ecosystems
Solutions which enable international talent pools (teachers) to interact with employers (member schools) for internships and jobs. This platform can also be used to build and establish a talent community where continuous education and communication can be delivered.

* Virtual Career/Recruitment Fairs (VCF)
Our VCF Platform enables short term (typically 1-5 days) online events to operate where multiple employers (connected by industry or location) can come together to operate a traditional job fair, but purely online. An intuitive, graphical interface enables job seekers and employers to connect via our booth’s auditorium and networking lounge, where content, videos, jobs etc can be shared, along with an embedded live video platform for private interviews to take place. Job applications are also fully integrated within the platform for each individual employer, and live analytics are provided to all attendees, job seekers and employers alike.