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Who are STEER?

STEER was set up 20 years ago by Dr Jo and Dr Simon Walker to guide children to steer the road of adolescence. STEER supports schools by tracking the wellbeing of over 70,000 young people, in more than 200 schools and academies, across 5 continents and 14 countries.  


What is AS Tracking? 

• AS Tracking is an online social-emotional assessment and tracking tool designed to detect hidden pupil risks, in and out of school to allow earlier response.

• It is completed by all pupils (8-18), twice each academic year. 

• AS Tracking makes visible the hidden pupil-voice, enabling staff to step into the shoes of each learner.


AS Tracking measures 

• a learner’s steering biases in four factors important for healthy social-emotional development and academic progress: Self Disclosure, Trust of Self, Trust of Others and Seeking Change; 

• fluctuations and iterations in a learner’s steering biases which may be early indicators of future, hidden social emotional risks, guiding staff towards proactive, targeted pastoral support; • a learner’s steering biases both in and out of school, enabling staff to measure to what degree our school is a risk or protective factor for a learner 

• a learner’s steering biases over time, building a longitudinal developmental narrative, quantifying our school’s sustained pastoral value added for each learner 

• steering biases within a vulnerable cohort, (e.g. EAL/ SEND/ FSM), enabling a school to target and evidence the impact of strategies to lessen inequality. 


AS Tracking outcomes