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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

Superloop, formerly CyberHound, is a market-leading provider of learning enablement and cyber-security solutions for schools from Kindergarten to Year 12.  Our unique solution helps schools to manage all internet activity, covering the web, social media and application use.  It also empowers schools to significantly enhance their online environments, improving internet speeds and reliability, to optimise learning outcomes in the classroom.

Keeping Students Safe Online and Empowering School Leaders
Superloop's unique Sixth Sense Technology (6ST) gives school leaders more control over their school's online environment - ensuring any online risks, such as cyberbullying and predatory behaviour, are identified early and students can be kept safe while also being taught how to become responsible digital citizens.

Seamless Internet Management & Application Control
Our Next Generation Firewall is education specific and provides ease of control for the applications in use in schools as well as enabling seamless access to cloud services.

Our unique caching tools optimise internet performance and ensure staff and student access to digital tools is improved.

Zero-touch BYOD Enablement means any new devices to a school network can seamlessly connect while ensuring automated SSL certificate deployment that has saved many hours of work for IT teams.

To learn more about Superloop please take a tour of our website.

Phone:  +61 2 8090 7777