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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

Paul Rotheram IS THE CO-FOUNDER OF teems, He was the Director of Sport and Activities at Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok Riverside for 8 years. Through Paul’s expert eye for detail and varied experience, in that time hundreds of international school and regional events were hosted and organized with great success.

With many years of experience working with students and schools across multiple countries; he has successfully developed and extensive network of specialists that will work alongside him to deliver programs of the highest quality. These specialists have worked with tens of thousands of Students in a variety of Activities across multiple International Schools.

This level of experience and understanding in unmatched in any other private provider company in SE Asia. Safeguarding is taken seriously, and all staff are invested in the lasted developments in the safeguarding of children and managing wellbeing among young people at the highest level.

Additionally, all programs offered consistently consider the safety and wellbeing of students and are suitable and fully inclusive for all who participate. As a company they understand the benefits to students when they are able to participate in stimulating and enjoyable activities, how this helps them develop their confidence and self-awareness as well as contribute to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

TEEMS are able to assist with:

  • Hosting large or small sporting events specially for International Schools both directly and by Individual schools outsourcing to TEEMS;
  • Providing representative playing opportunities for individual sport e.g. FOBISIA Football or Tennis teams;
  • Providing high performance sport camps;
  • Providing access to US College athletic college advice, guidance, and support;
  • Run professional development days for staff specifically involved in Sports and Activities;
  • Consulting with schools on safeguarding and child protection specially related to Sports and Activities.
  • Assisting with program implementation and ongoing improvement-sports development, ECA’s and specialist school camps;
  • Providing IA and outdoor education programs;
  • Delivering tailored holiday camps e.g EAL, STEAM and multi sports.

Paul Rotheram