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The Alliance for Sustainable Schools (TASS) is a non-profit membership organisation - a network of schools working together to help accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. Our members share a commitment to the principles of the Sustainable Schools Charter.

As a community of practice, The Alliance connects sustainability practitioners in schools around the world, sharing their learning and amplifying their impact.

As an agent of change, we harness our collective influence and partner with innovators to catalyse systems-level change in the currently unsustainable systems that supply school uniforms, school food, school buses and school buildings. We also advocate for more and better education for sustainability.

We do this through pilot projects with our member schools and strategic partners to demonstrate the feasibility of sustainable alternatives. We then utilise our network structure to scale up these replicable pilot projects to other schools around the world.

One such example is the partnership we formed with Retykle, an e-commerce platform for pre-loved children's clothing. Using Retykle's platform we increased the re-use of Kellett's uniforms, extending their lifespan and reducing the amount of school uniform waste that ends up to landfill. We also have projects in on low emissions school buses, sustainable school food and low carbon school building design.

Student agency is an important part of our work. TASS members appoint student ambassadors and we work with the ambassadors to influence the outcome of our pilot projects.

TASS also operates an internship program to provide students at member schools with work experience in sustainability related fields.

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