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The Happy Confident Company

With the rapid rise of mental health issues in children across the world, The Happy Confident Company is on a mission to help every child develop a strong sense of self-understanding and self-belief from the earliest possible age. We believe that early intervention and prevention are key to improving children’s wellbeing.

We provide clinician approved, ready-to-go programmes and resources that develop personal, social, and emotional skills for children aged 3 to 14 and in just 10 minutes a day. There is little training required and the programme can be tailored to each individual school.

Our programmes equip schools with all the essential tools to support children’s wellbeing and they are based on 4 pillars:

1. Teaching emotional literacy and social and emotional mental health through a full SEL programme containing more than 300 activities to teach 96 feelings.

2. Embedding gratitude and reflection through daily journaling.

3. Developing life skills such as self-awareness, resilience, creativity and compassion.

4. Introducing Mindfulness tools.

Using these resources for just 10 minutes a day, Happy Confident schools transform children’s wellbeing by developing the skills and confidence they need to succeed. The impact of the programme is immediate with a large percentage of schools seeing a difference in just one week. The results are improved self-regulation, increased self-awareness and growth mindset, increased resilience, and greater compassion.  Additionally, the programme benefits teachers by promoting positive behaviours and reducing time spent on behaviour management.

Our resources are currently used in schools throughout the UK and internationally, with endorsements from clinicians, schools and charities. Several of the resources are being translated in other languages such as Dutch, Czech and Arabic version.

Our commitment to developing children's wellbeing drives us to constantly innovate and evolve our resources to help even more children worldwide. Join us on our mission.