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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia


Veema Education delivers personalised training and School Improvement packages to schools in the UK and internationally. We help schools to achieve their goals by delivering impactful in-school training to staff and students alike.

We understand the challenges facing schools and passionately believe in promoting personal, academic and professional growth through evidence-based CPD. Using best practice pedagogical approaches, our bespoke development packages provide sufficient time for new knowledge, skills and reflection to be put into practice.

Our unique four-step approach – consult, tailor, train, reflect – enables us to create highly effective CPD programmes that combine both in-house and online training, coaching, best practice classroom ideas and team teaching, all tailored to your school’s specific needs.

Each programme is led by expert educators, former teachers and senior school leaders, as well as renowned authors and speakers. With our focus on collaboration, they will work alongside you to create practitioners who are continually growing in confidence and able to create the very best outcomes for their students.

We have aligned ourselves closely with British organisations, such as the Teacher Development Trust (TDT), The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), CUREE, the Sutton Trust, the UK Department for Education (DfE) and the UCL Institute of Education (IoE). By creating programmes that reflect current research and orthodoxies, we can help schools empower staff to take full ownership of their development, encouraging them to be at the forefront of any school improvement initiative to stimulate motivation, promote staff retention and cultivate a culture in which children always succeed.

CPD evaluation is our top priority, and we have designed our very own ‘CPD Evaluation Toolkit’ to help school leaders measure and capture the impact professional learning has on it on:

1. Improving teaching and learning. 
2. Changing teacher practice and embedding change. 
3. Improving student achievement 

Veema’s professional development programmes are delivered in a range of styles including:  

· Group work 
· Discussions and dialogues 
· On-line and in-house coaching support 
· Use of visual aids and props 
· Presentations 
· Role play 
· Videos and music 
· Team Teaching and demonstrating best practice 

Our approach to CPD experience has led us to develop a streamlined, four-step model that delivers maximum impact with minimum effort, which now very much forms the basis of all our teaching & learning, leadership, management, safeguarding and governance programmes. Underpinned by the latest educational research and pedagogy this model is one that works for any school leader, director, teacher or student.

More information can be found on our website: