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Vircle (Debit Circles Sdn Bhd)


Vircle (Debit Circles Sdn Bhd) operates Malaysia’s largest child-safe e-wallet and cashless payment system in schools. We are regulated by the Central Bank of Malaysia. We operate in around 70 of the top private and international schools in Malaysia with the majority of FOBISIA schools in Malaysia being Vircle partners.

We have two products:

a. Cashless payments in schools

  • Schools issue Vircle cards to students for payments in school canteens, bookstores, etc. Parents then allocate cashless allowance to their kids using the mobile app. They can control the amount they want their kids to spend each day and have full visibility of their spending habits via alerts and transaction history. 
  • Parents can also pay for school-related items such as school fees, uniforms, books, club fees, school trips and exam fees on the app. We are also rolling out school fee financing in our pipeline.
  • On top of these, we provide ancillary services that schools need such as ‘Emergency Broadcast’ to send instant alerts to all parents during emergencies and ‘Ordering of Meal Plans’ for quick and efficient operations in schools.

b. Malaysia’s first Child-safe VISA Prepaid Card

  • Parents can get the Vircle VISA Prepaid Card for their kids to use outside of school. The cards work with any merchants that accept the VISA card, but with the same capabilities as the school cards and more. This product is popular amongst non-local families as parents can have a peace of mind by managing and monitoring their kids’ allowance wherever they are.
  • The VISA cards are considered ‘safe for children’ because merchants that are not safe for kids like pubs, bars, and vape shops are blocked by default. Parents can also decide the category of items their kids can spend money on such as F&B, transportation, and e-commerce to prevent overspending and to align their kids’ spending habits with their unique family values. Kids are also less likely to be victims of scams when these controls are in place.
  • Additionally, the VISA card membership includes a Personal Accident Coverage of up to RM75k and an Education Allowance of up to RM50k. This protects the kids and their education should the unforeseen happen. (Available only in Malaysia).

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