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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia



In 2017, on behalf of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (HQ MOFA) in Tokyo, I and a team of UK Security Consultants carried out a series of Security Risk Assessments (SRA) on each Japanese School outside of Japan. HQ MOFA had had the wisdom to declare that their Japanese school children needed to be protected in the best possible way. Our SRAs identified security shortcomings and produced recommendations and proposals to overcome those shortcomings.

In the very same way, it would be my intent to conduct a series of SRAs on the FOBISIA schools. Each SRA takes between 4 -6 hrs. for example, which FOBISIA school has a safe haven, which school regularly runs security-type scenarios (hostage-taking, shooter in the grounds, IED threat, lone wolf attacks)? Each School would receive an Executive Summary and a Main Report within 72 hrs.

In addition, if the FOBISIA school happens to have security guards on site, I have the capability and experience to conduct security team training. A highly trained and professional uniformed security team provides and represents a viable and realistic deterrent force. I have experience of this, in that I recently trained the security team of the 5-star White Pearl Resort Hotel in southern Mozambique (Oct & Nov ’18).

Paul Middlemiss, former Colonel British Army