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The Federation of British International Schools in Asia


Wo Hui Mandarin makes the learning and teaching of Mandarin Chinese simple and useful. We put learning into the hands of the student and empower teachers to support them on their personal learning journeys.

Wo Hui Mandarin has grown out of a project to devise and resource an exceptional Mandarin Chinese language programme for  a group of international schools in Asia.  It tackles a number of the problems traditionally associated with the learning and teaching of Mandarin Chinese.

With a Wo Hui Mandarin account, you can log in to both our web and mobile apps to access free material and a range of content that is available via subscription. Our original Wo Hui Mandarin (WHM) course covers 1500+ spoken words, 400+ sentence patterns and 900+ characters to provide for about 6 years of an international school curriculum.  In addition, we offer HSK 1-4 exam courses, and we will keep adding alternative curricula for you to choose from.

We are the official partner of CTI – the organisation that develops, administers and scores the HSK and YCT exams.
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