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DATE: 10th October 2019
HOSTED BY: Charter International School, Bangkok
CONTACT: Rob Parker -

Previous events-

Design Technology Event 2017-18 - Hosted by Regents International School - Pattaya

Design Technology Challenge 1

The FOBISIA Design & Technology competition, jointly run by Steven Daly, Head of D&T at Regents International School and James Chandler, Assistant Head at BISV was a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability to investigate the world around them by understanding the needs of others. Students were given the challenge to design and make a promotional gift for visitors to their school. This was a great opportunity for students to understand how many different types of people visit their school and for what purpose, and to be really innovative on how they can respond to this target audience, by communicating key values which their school wanted to promote.  

Three international schools made it to the finals:

  1. BISV (British International School Vietnam)
  2. Seoul Foreign British  School
  3. Regents International School Pattaya

Entries which were judged by Jim Myers, D&T practitioner at Bangkok Patana School. Regents finally emerged as the winner, BISV as second place with Seoul as a close third. Students at Regents designed and made a working, handheld retro games console, with school branding to target potential teachers who want CPD in electronics and robotics, an initiative used to communicate the latest developments at the school.

Mr Daly and Mr Chandler would like to thank all 9 schools who participated in the competition and a special thanks to Jim at Bangkok Patana for judging the competition.

Design Technology Challenge 2

This task was all about being creative at promoting logical thinking through solving easy to complex problems. Whether you are trying to get from A to B, building a puzzle or solving an equation, these all require problem solving skills to varying degrees. Teams in participating schools were asked to design and make an artefact that require students or teachers input to solve, thus promoting logical thinking. The winning team was based on the skills required to solve the problem, hence the video/presentation had to reflect this and focus mainly on the solving of the artefact and not the making of it.  

The 2 teams at Regents focused on promoting a product which required students to solve mathematical problems, thus promoting logical thought. They also wanted to create a product which teachers could use for teaching in either Primary or Secondary. The winning teams from this activity then went through to the final stage, competing against the other international schools.  

Six international schools registered for the competition but only 3 could make the strict deadline of creating a concept design, development, testing and finalising the product in 6 weeks. Regents won the event by beating Harrow International School Bangkok (2nd place) and Seoul Foreign School (3rd place) by creating a product which developed the mathematical skills of primary students. 

A huge thank you to the judge, Dr John Moore, Principal of British International School Nepal and Executive at FOBISIA, and to all participating schools. Competition 3 will be launched on the 26th February, so watch this space.

Link to winners video found here

Schools who submitted entries

  1. 1.       Seoul Foreign School
  2. 2.       Harrow International School Bangkok
  3. 3.       Regents International School
The Federation of British International Schools in Asia. (FOBISIA)
39/4 Todsamon Clubhouse Building
M FI, Soi Lasalle 39/1, Sukhumvit 105, Bangna
Bangkok, Thailand 10260 
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