Design Technology Online Event

DT Online Competition, hosted by The British School Kathmandu, Nepal 2016-2017

Theme: “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality” Cheshire Cat

The 2016 FOBISIA DT online competition was open to all KS3 students. The competition was open to all FOBISIA schools and was designed not to interrupt too much curriculum time - it can also be run as an after school club.

The competition was about encouraging creativity and giving students the opportunity to collaborate as a team while they follow the design process to produce a functional product using a range of skills and materials.
Students were required to work as a team (no more than 5 per team) and they were required to record and highlight the design and make process they followed to produce their outcome. Schools had to submit a video entry showing the processes followed to complete their chosen task.
Judges were looking for a product that was original, creative, interesting but functional.


The competition was open to all KS3 students and the theme of the competition was to design and make a chair, or a cushion, for Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. The videos that were submitted showed not only the students collaborating to fulfill the brief, but highlighted the students’ knowledge, skills and good use of materials to produce original and creative products.

A big thank you to the following schools that took part  in the FOBISIA DT online competition 2016-2017: Bangkok Patana, Bangkok Prep, elc International School, Garden International School- Rayong, The International School@ Park City and St Andrews School, Green Valley.   

First place goes to The Mad Creators from Bangkok Patana with their original and sophisticated design featuring many of the elements of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. You can view the video here.

Congratulations to the team from The International School @Park City on achieving second place. A well documented video showed the production of a chair that would not look out of place on the set of “Alice in Wonderland”. View video here

Third place is awarded to The Illusionists from Bangkok Patana, for their creative take on the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme; incorporating the clock, door, chair in a creative montage. You can view the video here

The winner in the cushion category goes to the team from The International School @ Park city, for producing a very creative cushion to accompany the chair made by their peers. View video here

Thank you all again  and well done to you all. Lisa Black, Head of Art & Design Technology, The British School Kathmandu, Nepal.


DT Online Competition, hosted by British International School Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2014 -2015

A massive thank you to both Regents School and Bangkok Patana School for their video entries to the KS5 FOBISIA DT Challenge 2014-15. This challenge was aimed specifically as the KS5 students and therefore was meant to be a difficult challenge. I was totally amazed at the quality of the videos submitted and the innovative ways that the coke cans were transported from one location to another....for the full article and more details about the competition please see here.


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