Benefits of Joining FOBISIA

Broadly, FOBISIA offers Members Schools a forum for discussion, networking and sharing best practice for amongst its Member Schools.  FOBISIA is an essential source of support for its membership, especially in the areas of quality assurance, child protection, and representation among official bodies and the UK Government.

The Head of School represents each Member School at its Heads' Business Meetings and AGM.  Full Member Schools each have one vote at these meetings and EGMs, and may hold office on the Board.

Heads and Senior Leaders from Member Schools are invited to attend the annual FOBISIA Leadership Conference to which leading educational thinkers are invited to share their expertise and experience.

Member Schools, including both academic and business staff, are invited to participate in continuing professional development (CPD) offered by Member Schools throughout the year, including Job Alike Workshops (JAWS), where staff have the opportunity to share best practice.  FOBISIA membership also offers access to the FOBISIA Community Forum, which is a vibrant professional online community developed exclusively for Member Schools.

Full Member School students are invited to participate in the FOBISIA sports event of the year - The Friendly Games.  The Friendly Games are held annually for various age groups, and are currently hosted at a regional hub in Phuket, Thailand.  The Games aim to match like-schools to promote the development of teamwork skills as well as a greater understanding of and respect for peers from other cultures and countries.

Other student enrichment events offered to Full Member Schools include Music Festivals, Drama Festivals, Gamelan Festivals, Community and Environmental Conferences, Model United Nations Conferences, as well as a range of other student-focused events around the subject areas of maths, science, DT and English.

To support its Member Schools in the area of recruitment, FOBISIA provides a central location on its website for Member Schools to advertise teaching opportunities as they arise.

FOBISIA publishes a Membership Handbook each year which outlines 'everything you need to know' about the Federation exclusively for Member Schools.  FOBISIA's termly eNewsletter, THE FOBISIAN, shares events reports and other FOBISIA news among the membership.  It also publishes a CPD Update and Sports Newsletter for relevant staff within Member Schools.

FOBISIA maintains a strong relationship with its regional counterparts across the globe, including British Schools in the Middle East (BSME), Latin American Heads Conference (LAHC), Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS).

FOBISIA has one category of membership that is open to individuals, in an effort to retain the substantial institutional knowledge that exists within the region.  Co-opted Membership is open to individuals who used to be Heads of Member Schools, and although they are not entitled to a vote at meetings, they may hold office on the Board.

The Federation of British International Schools in Asia. (FOBISIA)
39/4 Todsamon Clubhouse Building
M FI, Soi Lasalle 39/1, Sukhumvit 105, Bangna
Bangkok, Thailand 10260   Phone: +66 82 574 1110
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