Becoming A Member

Interested schools wishing to join FOBISIA are requested to contact a member of the Board or the Chief Operating Officer at FOBISIA HQ to express their interest in becoming a member.

Should they wish to join as a Member School, FOBISIA will supply a School Membership Pack, including:

  • a School Membership Introduction Letter
  • an initial Application Form (F1)
  • a Pre-Visit Survey Form (F2)
  • a School Membership Staff List Proforma
  • a Pre-Membership Visit Report & Self-Review Data Proforma
  • a Pre-Membership Visit Document Checklist
  • an Application Procedure Flowchart
  • the Constitution and By-Laws

Candidate Schools must successfully complete the application process and satisfy FOBISIA’s Membership Criteria. The governing body of a Candidate School must approve the application prior to it being submitted to FOBISIA. Once they join FOBISIA, Member Schools must continue to satisfy a range of FOBISIA standards around professional conduct and quality assurance. Member Schools are approved as Full Members or Associate Members, depending on their ability to meet specific quality assurance requirements. Associate Members have three years within which to meet specific quality assurance standards.

Once it receives a School Membership Application, FOBISIA HQ provides written acknowledgement of receipt of the application and the FOBISIA Board is informed and invited to comment. The Board, through its Membership Committee, determines if a Candidate School's Membership Application is deemed complete and if it meets FOBISIA's Membership Criteria (including general, Britishness, governance and quality assurance criteria).  Should there be any criteria that have not been met by the Candidate School, the Membership Committee will write to the school stating the reason they did not meet the criteria, and how to address the matter.  

Should it be determined that FOBISIA's Membership Criteria have been met through the Membership Application process, a two-day Pre-Membership Visit is arranged at a mutually suitable time, including two Visiting Representatives nominated by the Board (i.e. an experienced Head of an existing Member School and another experienced FOBISIA representative) to further assess and verify the Candidate School's ability to satisfy the Membership Criteria.  At this stage Candidate Schools are requested to pay an Application Fee and reimburse the Visiting Representatives for their travel expenses.

Following the Pre-Membership Visit to the Candidate School, a formal written report is submitted by the Visiting Representatives to the Membership Sub-Committee, which makes a recommendation to the Board, and ultimately the full membership, as to whether the Candidate School meets the Membership Criteria to join as a Full or Associate Member School. If a Candidate School is accredited by a FOBISIA-approved agency, they are recommended for Full Membership, with one membership vote and an invitation to attend meetings, and the option to nominate for an elected position on the FOBISIA Board.  If a Candidate School has committed to, but not successfully completed, accreditation from a FOBISIA-approved agency, they are recommended for Associate Membership, with an invitation to attend meetings.

The Chair, with the support of FOBISIA HQ, then calls for an EGM to facilitate a full membership vote on the Board's recommendation for the Candidate School’s Membership.  Candidate Schools are admitted as Member Schools once their Annual School Membership Fees have been paid, at which time they are entitled to their annual membership benefits.  The new Member School is invited to attend the next FOBISIA Heads’ Business Meeting (of which there are two per year), where they they will be requested deliver a brief presentation by way of introduction to their fellow Member Schools.

Candidates for Co-opted Membership must be nominated by a Member School, and seconded by two other Member Schools, and the nomination is subject to the approval of the FOBISIA Board.  There is no annual fee for Co-opted Membership.



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