Becoming A Member

  • Interested parties wishing to join FOBISIA will express their interest in joining the federation as a member.

  • This may be via the FOBISIA website or in an email to the Executive Officer, Administrator or any Executive Committee Member.

  • Once this has been received, the FOBISIA Executive Officer will write back requesting for them to submit a “Letter of Intent”.The LOI is an official letter from the Head of School providing some history of the school, current status and as to why the school would like to join FOBISIA. This can be submitted together with the completed forms in the Membership Application Package.

  • Simultaneously, the Applicant will be forwarded a Membership Application Package which will consist of:-

    1. An Invitation Letter to become a Member
    2. A flowchart explaining the membership application process
    3. An Application Form (F1)
    4. A Pre-Visit Survey Form (F2) and
    5. Staff List
    6. A copy of the Constitution and By-Laws shall be furnished to every Applicant.

  • Once the LOI and completed forms as mentioned in Point 4 have been received, the EO will note the date the Application has been received and circulate it amongst the Executive Committee who will then discuss as to whether the Applicant School falls broadly under the membership criteria for FOBISIA.
  • However, should there be any criteria that have not been met by the Applicant School, then the Chairman of the Membership Committee will write to the school stating the reason and how this can be addressed.
  • Once the school has reached this stage it is known as an “Aspirant School”. Assuming that the Applicant School is successful up to this stage, then a School visit by 2 FOBISIA Heads or 1 FOBISIA Head and another volunteer will be arranged to visit the school at the latter’s expense, plus Secretariat fee.
  • A mutual date for the School Visit is fixed and the Aspirant School starts communicating with the volunteer Heads on their flights, accommodation, transport etc.
  • Following the visit by the Heads of Schools, a formal written report is submitted to the Executive Committee upon which a decision is made as to whether the Aspirant School meets the criteria to join as a member of FOBISIA.
  • The Chairman in liaison with the Executive Officer call for an EGM for the Full Membership to vote on the Aspirant School’s application.
  • Should there be no objections and the votes are in favour of the Aspirant School, then they will be notified and the Aspirant School will become a Member of the federation.
  • They are then invited to attend the next FOBISIA Heads’ Business Meeting or FOBISIA Leadership Conference. At the meeting, they will make a presentation to their fellow members.

The Federation of British International Schools in Asia. (FOBISIA)
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