Model United Nations 2019

DATE: 22-23 November 2019

HOSTED BY: Regents International School, Pattaya

CONTACT: Tamara -   and   Laura -

Previous events- 

Model United Nations, hosted by Harrow International School Bangkok, 2017 - 2018

Between the 9th and the 11th of December 2017, Harrow International School Bangkok had the privilege of hosting students and advisors from 15 schools across Thailand and South-East Asia for a highly successful, exciting and topical MUN conference. This 3-day conference, organised by Finlay and Jing Jing (Secretary Generals) gave students from all the participating schools the opportunity to display their debating and oratorical prowess in front of their peers, debating all manner of current affairs; from the economic impact of artificial intelligence, cyber security and the digitization of the financial industry. The tone of the conference was set by the thought provoking guest speaker, Mr Thani Thongpakdi, who is currently a Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the calibre of the debate which ensued was remarkable and a credit to all those who participated.

Hannh John, MUN Advisor and Coordinator

 Model United Nations, hosted by The British International School of Shanghai Puxi, China, 2017

Being given the opportunity as Secretary General has been an incredibly memorable experience and the highlight of my MUN career. The three -day conference held this February allowed students from Malaysia and Shanghai to collaborate and debate over pressing topics that we are faced with in today’s modern society. For some student’s it was their first conference, a stepping stone into hopefully a fruitful and exciting MUN career, where-as for others they took this opportunity to develop and share previous experiences.

Watching and even occasionally participating in debate showed me how opened minded everyone in this international community are and it gave me great pleasure to see so many students actively engaged in topics that tend to be discussed by politically active adults. During the three days, I believe almost everyone made the goal to make a difference to society in some way or another, as it is important for our generation to create changes for the both the present and the future.

I cannot wait to attend BISS Puxi’s next conference in 2018, and wish the next Secretary General all the very best. Thank you once again to all the school that attended BISS Puxi’s second annual Model United Nations conference, it was unforgettable experience! - Alena Year 12, BISS Puxi

This BISS MUN has been my first MUN to ever attend. The experience was definitely new and exciting. I was most surprised by how the conference proceeded, as it was nothing I imagined. Being Head of the Press Team was without a doubt an eye-opening experience. I was able to capture engaging moments during the heat of the debate. It was definitely impressive to see the varied emotions throughout the event as you can tell that all delegates were devoted to their tasks.

Participating in the MUN rather meant learning about issues that go on around the world. I was able to learn numerous factors on how countries handle economic and social issues as well as Human Rights. Overall it was unquestionably interesting to be Head of Press Team and to be able to get interactive with such important events. I feel as though I would like to be a delegate next year and take part with all the debates. - Sheena, Year 12, BISS Puxi

Model United Nations, hosted by ABC International School, Ho Chi Minh City, 2014

elc International School sent ten, Year 11 students for the  FOBISIA Model United Nations (MUN), held in Vietnam, 28-30th November 2014....for the full article please see here.




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