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FOBISIA Chair Welcomes Inaugural CEO at FOBISIA HQ
Posted 03/09/2019 10:55AM

FOBISIA Chair Welcomes Inaugural CEO at FOBISIA HQ

BANGKOK, THAILAND, 2 September 2019 - Last year marked 30 years for the Federation of British International Schools in Asia. This year marks another significant milestone for FOBISIA.

Today FOBISIA HQ had a visit from the Federation's current Chair, Head of Member School, British International School Ho Chi Minh City, and proud 'FOBISIAN' - Anthony Rowlands. Anthony and the HQ Team officially welcomed the Federation's inaugural CEO - John Gwyn Jones to the FOBISIA family. John just happens to have also been FOBISIA's inaugural Chairperson in the early 1990s, as well as long-standing Head of St. Christopher's International Primary School in Penang, and more recently, Managing Director, of Panyathip International School Laos in Vientiane, both FOBISIA Member Schools.

"John is one of FOBISIA's greatest champions, and his passion and enthusiasm for the Federation is matched by a wealth of knowledge and experience in British international education in Asia. On behalf of the FOBISIA Board, I wish John every success in the new CEO role and look forward to being part of FOBISIA's shared journey onwards and upwards". — FOBISIA Chair, Anthony Rowlands

FOBISIA's newly created CEO appointment will work closely with both the Board of the Federation and the HQ team to achieve FOBISIA's Mission to ensure high-quality British-international-style education through shared professional development, student enrichment events and mutual support between Member Schools in the region.

"Today, FOBISIA is more than just the Friendly Games. FOBISIA is a friendly family of leading British international Schools in Asia, ensuring quality education, offering leadership support, and delivering shared teacher training and student enrichment. All of FOBISIA's Member Schools are in the accreditation cycle, and the Federation currently delivers 50+ student events and 35+ continuing professional development events. Going forward, we aim for continued but sustainable growth and to strengthen the benefits we provide to all of our members. I am excited to be working with our FOBISIA family in Asia, and our friends beyond the region." — FOBISIA CEO, John Gwyn Jones

In addition to its new CEO, FOBISIA HQ also welcomed new Events Executive - Hannah Marshall, and Administrator of Accounts - Jitsaman (Pheung) Chan.

"When I joined FOBISIA HQ in 2011, we were a Federation of 32 Member Schools across 10 countries, with a HQ staff of two across two countries; today we are a family of 68 Member Schools across 18 countries, with a HQ staff of six consolidated in Thailand. FOBISIA's significant growth trajectory over the last decade has required HQ to follow suit to ensure it is fit for purpose and can continue to provide a high level of support across the breadth and depth of the Membership into the future, including our diverse range of Member Schools and Affiliate Members." — FOBISIA COO, Tania Donoghue



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