Becoming A Member


1.  Interested parties wishing to join FOBISIA will express their interest in joining the federation as an Affiliate Member.

2.  This may be via the FOBISIA website or in an email to the Executive Officer, Administrator or any Executive Committee Member.

3.  Once this has been received, the FOBISIA Executive Officer will write back providing them with an Official Invitation Message with an Application Form that needs to be completed and returned by a given deadline.

4.  Once the completed form has been received by the FOBISSEA Office, the application is put forward at the Executive Committee Meeting for discussion.

5.  It is here that a decision is made as to whether they are suitable candidates and can contribute to the federation.

6.  However, should there be any criteria that have not been met by the Affiliate Member, the Chairman of the Membership Committee will write to the applicant stating the reason as to why there may be an objection.

7.  The Chairman in liaison with the Executive Officer call for an EGM later call for the EGM for voting of accepting the Affiliate Members collectively.

8.  Should there be no objections by the members and the votes are in favour of the applicants, they are then notified of this via email.

9.  The Office will provide them with the FOBISIA logos and Guidelines for usage on their website as well as other permissible documentation.

10.  All Affiliate members are requested for their logos and supporting statement for the FOBISIA website.

11.  The Affiliate Members are then invoiced by the FOBISIA Office for their subscription.

12.  Once payment has been received, they are issued a receipt as well as an official Membership Certificate.

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