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Drama Festival

Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang

April Boyd


Drama Festival, Hosted by Bromsgrove International School Bangkok, 2nd-5th March 2017.

This March saw Bromsgrove International School, Thailand host the biggest FOBISIA Drama Festival to date with 14 schools attending and 197 students. The theme 'Sam, same but different' reflected the host country but also saw students work in the styles of 5 key Theatre Practitioners to perform some highly engaging and sophisticated work on the Sunday. Each company told the same Thai folks story but used different techniques to explore it. As well as the usual Gala Dinner, the participants were treated to a wonderfully authentic Thai night at the grounds of Bromsgrove which included Thai Dance, street food and fireworks


Drama Festival 2016, hosted by Jerudong International School, Brunei.

The 5th Annual FOBISIA Drama Festival: Company of Strangers was hosted in the spectacular Arts Centre at Jerudong International School, Brunei from the 18th-21st February 2016.  One-hundred-fifty-nine students took part from 4 countries representing 10 schools from across Asia.....for the full article please see here.

Drama Festival 2015, hosted by British School Manila.

The overarching theme Mind the Gap reflected the desire to find ways to bridge the gap between generations, cultures, beliefs and attitudes and describe a framework that would enable young people from across the continent to work together, to take risks and to take a leap of faith into a way of working that they might not have experienced before.....for the full article please see here.

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